Oh, No!

Oh, No! written by Candace Fleming and illustrated by Eric Rohmann is a tale of jungle suspense as animal after animal falls into a pit! Who will come to rescue them from the tiger, hungry for a snack?! K-2 classrooms could use this text to teach organization in writing. As students recall each animal that … Continue reading Oh, No!


Hooray! It’s a Duck Day!

I love duck days! But sometimes it is hard to be stuck inside when it's raining! In Hooray! It's a Duck Day by Jennifer Maze Brown and illustrated by Sally Schaedler, Grandma has plenty of ways to make even rainy days fun! This is a fun, memorable story that reminds us that we should thank God … Continue reading Hooray! It’s a Duck Day!

I Stink!

What is this mystery machine that eats trash while you're asleep?? A garbage truck! I Stink! written by Kate and Jim McMullan and illustrated by Jim McMulllan is an introductory text for students K-2 as they learn about where all the trash goes! This story can be used to spark a discussion about responsible waste management and … Continue reading I Stink!